Triple H Ranches


North Logan, Utah

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Our Mission

At Triple H Ranches, our core mission is to increase the accessibility of the horse industry by breeding and training quality horses and providing instruction in horsemanship and horse husbandry.

Our breeding and training program starts with selecting registered American Quarter Horse breeding stock who possess conformational balance, structural correctness, and trainable intelligence. We value horses who are versatile in their conformation, placing preference on those who are level through the topline with straight, even legs, and a steep, strong croup. We find trainable intelligence in those horses who are curious, trusting, and quick learners. These types of horses are integral to our mission as they are well-suited to a variety of activities for people entering, or returning to, horse ownership.

Our instruction in horsemanship and horse husbandry is designed to provide a wide knowledge base and cultivate a lifelong enjoyment of horses. We strive to provide opportunities to people of all abilities and our program focuses on equitation and horse welfare, with emphasis placed on the individual’s personal goals.  

Our guiding principles are: 

  1. Provide nutritious feed, clean water, and safe shelter to the horses in our care. 

  2. Use our existing knowledge, and incorporate the advice of other professionals as warranted, to increase the horse’s quality of life by decreasing instances of disease, injury, and undue stress and fear. 

  3. Continue to expand our existing knowledge through reading articles, participating in online courses, and attending clinics. 

  4. Foster an environment for our students that invites inquiry and promotes sportsmanship by modeling Socratic questioning and courteous behavior. 

Our reference sires include Kid Coolsified, Kids Classic Style, and Rio Starlight.

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