Erin Lambert

Erin is our founder's granddaughter and grew up learning from him & riding horses. She was an active 4H participant during junior high school and competed on Utah State University's Intercollegiate Horse Showing Association Western Team. During her senior year of college, Erin worked at the National Ability Center as an Equine Program Instructor and discovered her passion for teaching people about horses.


After graduating from USU in 2012, with a bachelor's degree in Human Development and a minor in Equine Science, Erin lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Denver, Colorado. She returned to Logan, in December 2016, and began working full-time at Triple H Ranches as the barn manager. Over the last few years, her responsibilities have expanded to include webmaster, stallion manager, lead horseback riding instructor, and sales manager.

When Erin isn't at Triple H Ranches, she is at home reading a book, playing with her cats and dogs, or napping with her husband.