Kids Rockstar Hope


Kids Rockstar Hope is a 2016 gelding by Clus Skipa Hope and out of Starlights Hope. His registered name was given to him by Erin's younger brother in honor of his first horse. This gelding was nicknamed Bink by Daron after the accident that broke the horse's leg. Starting at "Baby Stinker", the name was shortened to "Binker" then Bink.

In June 2016, when Bink was 10 weeks old, he was involved in a pasture accident that left him with a broken fore-left cannon bone. All of the veterinarians in Cache County believed that the colt should be euthanized, except Dr. Jason Gibson of Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital. Dr. Gibson and his team did everything they could to save our horse, including donating their time to ensure that the physical therapy and medications were administered correctly. All of the hard work paid off, and Bink is now sound and in training. The lateral-view x-ray included on this page is from two weeks after the accident with his cast on.

Kids Rockstar Hope
Kids Rocstar Hope's XRay
Kids Rockstar Hope
Kids Rockstar Hope and Starlights Hope

Bink and his dam, Starla, doing physical therapy with Daron

September 2016

Kids Rocksta Hope and his treatment team

Bink and his treatment team: (L to R) Chase Westwood, Dr. Jennifer Bunnel, Dr. Jason Gibson, and Colton Baum.

January 2017